Thursday, December 10, 2009

Selecting an online broker

It is pretty hard for most of us to save up some money to invest. If you have decided to invest with an online broker this article will help you make the best choice for you.

Never be bored again

I have heard people tell me that they are bored. I really have a hard time relating. Curious people are never bored.

Use credit wisely

Think about how much a credit card purchase is really costing you! Some stores give you 10 percent off when you charge it on your store credit card. That is a great deal until you realize they are hitting you for 25 percent interest.

Closed end funds, the unloved funds

Many investors know very little about closed end funds. If you understand them you can have higher returns and lower risk.

Be a more confident you

Be a more confident you!

I’m going to guess you have felt timid. You were afraid to do something you really wanted to achieve. Well in this article I will give you the tools to do what you always wanted to achieve.

Choose the best mutual fund for you

Before you choose a mutual fund you need to decide what type of funds you are going to invest in. You will need to decide what percentage of each asset class you want to invest in. This article is not about coming up with an asset allocation but it is about selecting the right funds for you when you have decided on your asset allocation.

Get better returns without investing in the stock market

Interest rates cannot go any lower. CD’s and treasuries are paying very low rates. Just about anything short term is paying less than 2 percent